COVID 19. Occupational Health & Safety: Hierarchy of Control & PPE - A Management Overview

Updated: Mar 30

Examples of some key guidance to help protect Key Workers during the Coronavirus crisis. We have purposely restricted this summary to basic principles, as the specifics change frequently. Stakeholders and colleagues Worldwide are discovering more about this virus every day. Please see Public Health England for the latest UK guidance or if outside the UK, the World Health Organisation and the International Labour Organisation have the latest guidance. You can also access technical guidance, healthcare worker publications, scientific briefs and much more.

1) Follow the hierarchy of control

2) Eliminate the need for exposure to the virus where possible

3) Reduce the potential for harm

4) Isolate people or processes wherever possible

5) Have robust policies, procedures, safe systems of work, management systems etc. and ensure they are strictly observed.

6) Where PPE is an additional requirement, appreciate that it is the last line of defence and the least effective control method. Where used, there are requirements to ensure that it is as effective as possible, fit for purpose, compatible, in good condition, RPE is face-fit-tested by a fit-2-fit approved scheme member, adequate & appropriate. See these guidance documents for further important details regarding PPE & RPE. Here is the guidance on face fit testing.

You can also get the latest Occupational Health & Safety Advice on Covid-19.

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