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Are you not just able to send me a health and safety policy that I can adapt?

The health and safety policy is the key document that lays the foundation for many businesses for compliance. For smaller companies with low risk, the HSE have published a standard template that is free to download and use.

What if I don't have much documentation to audit against HSG 65?

That is no problem at all, the report will include all the recommendations needed to help you become compliant and in such cases, we will discuss options for acheiving compliance and how to record close-out of actions during the visit.

I booked a course at Keele Hall, how do I get to you?

See our 'contact us' page and click the button that says 'get directions' at the top left of the map. Google maps has a facility to get directions from wherever you chosse by different modes of transport. First open google maps, then click directions as below: Next select the place you are traveling from and click the desired mode of transport:

I booked a service but now can't attend. Can I change it?

Yes you can reschedule consultancy services up to 72 hours before the start date and class courses up to 2 weeks before the start date without charge. Please see our terms and conditions linked in the footer bar for more details.

What is the difference between a member and a subscriber?

A subscriber is anyone who wants to recieve offers and news from us at a 'trickle rate' of no more than 2 per month. This is free of charge. Members are clients who have booked a service or plan with us and don't have to be subscribers unless they choose to. For this reason we keep the newsletter, which is part of some plans, seperate from the subscriber service Some companies automatically enrol members as subscribers for marketing purposes, we believe it should be a proactive choice on the part of the client member.

Do you cover all sectors?

We can provide services for a vast number of sectors but we don't cover some highly specialised ares such as: Offshore Platforms Nuclear Industry Railways MOD sites Underground mines Under water and Deep sea operations

I need to get regular inspections at sites across the UK, can you provide that?

Absolutely! Please get in touch for a bespoke quote.

What is an auto-report form?

These are handy inspection reports that are intended for busy personnel who have the use of a mobile phone. They simply answer the inspection questions which are user friendly and allow for comments. They can then send the completed reports to an email address (s) of their choice. This helps with standardisation, inspection catpure, auditing and records. It is also environmentally friendly as no paper is needed.

What kind of topics are in the templates library?

We have many topics including toolbox talks (work briefings & feedback), risk assessment, training matrix, fire registers, first aid, PQQs and many more.

Are the templates in the library ready to use?

No, they are templates which guide a competent person to make them bespoke and save time. They are not suitable for use as they are.They are, however, designed and updated by a safety practitioner and therefore of a good standard. We have noticed a few so called 'ready made' templates on the market recently and the quality is very poor. Basically yes / no fields and fill the rest in yourself. Ours are certainly far better than such products but they are not 'off the shelf' solutions.

How often do you update the health and safety news section?

That varies but often. Whenever we get important updates from reputable health and safety sources really, such as the HSE or government health departments. On average around 1-2 per week.

There is a template / Inspection Form / Service I really need but I can't see it on the list. Can you help?

We will do our best, please drop us a message on the 'contact us' page and your request will be passed to either the consultancy team or development team.

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